Getting the wheels rolling

It seems only fitting that my first post be about the raw wool we just picked up from Wellington Fibres near Elora, ON. It’s the only mill around me that caters to us small scale people who only have a few fleeces to be processed.

Last June, my neighbor and I decided to have a go at getting her sheep’s fleece made into sock weight wool or rovings, depending on how they determined the fleece to be. Before she had just been storing it in garbage bags in her barn with the thought of using it in the future. We drove the hour and half to Wellington Fibres and dropped it off with a promise of having it ready in 6 to 8 months.

We have been patiently waiting for a phone call hearing that it’s ready and that lucky time has fi20170123_133308_1485203531909nally arrived. This morning we drove back down to pick up the finished product, 11 lbs of sock weight wool and 3 lbs of rovings! They even kept the colours of the wool seperate so we have white, light grey and dark grey wool all ready to be knit up! The rovings are being kept for when the loom is officially ready to weave its magic.

It’s a very exciting time here at the farm and I’m happy to have another project to work on!


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