Learning to cable knit

My knitting abilities are not amazing. I know how to knit and purl and decrease and I can occasionally remember how to bind off. I’m much better on my sock knitting machine. A couple of nights ago I decided to attempt to learn how to cable knit by hand. I pulled out a book I got a while ago called “Woolcraft” by Patons that describes how to do almost anything knitting related. It’s really amazing and I am quite impressed with it. Good ol’ Patons still passing on their good wishes!

I was set on learning to cable no matter how hard it turned out to be because it’s just such a lovely pattern and always seems to turn out well on any garment. So with my book, random knitting needles and scrap yarn, I managed to make a great looking swatch. It turned out to be extremely easy and I didn’t need any other knowledge than how to knit and purl.



While pumped up in excitement, I decided to try it on the Circular Sock Machine as well. I figured it should be just as easy to accomplish. It was a little trickier because the needles are in a cylinder and aren’t as flexible as they are on normal needles. I managed to do it though with a few holes on the sides.


So my theories are that if I try it on a bigger cylinder that has more needles, it would result in less holes. I could also try different yarns to see if that changes anything. Either way I’m very excited and am happy to be expanding my knowledge!


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