Mittens on the Sock Machine

My next project to tackle was making mittens. I went into it having no idea how to do the thumb even with having taken a workshop last year that turned out to be a dud and not worth the time. I looked online for some patterns and found a couple which was nice.


I wasn’t really following a pattern in particular, just taking the ideas from them all and figuring it out as I went through it all.

The first attempt, above, I made on my 72 cylinder because that’s what I had in at the time and I didn’t know what to expect. It has a simple regular cuff and is too loose for my small hands. It was surprisingly easy to make so I decided to try again on my 54 cylinder.

You can see that it fits my hand a little better than the other. It’s still a little loose around the cuff though so for future reference, I will probably rib the cuff and make the cuff a bit taller.

I haven’t fully finished it either, I wanted to show you what it looks like when it comes off the machine. The machine knits a flat piece for the thumb by only knitting that one part and not the rest of the mitt. Then when you’ve knit enough for the thumb, you continue on with the rest of the needles to make the hand and fingers. When you take the mitt off the machine, the finger area needs to be closed up like a regular sock and the thumb needs to be sewn up.

Above is where the thumb part connects again with the rest of the hand. This is the trickiest part of it all, you essentially knit the thumb and then take the thumb part off the machine and hook on the sides of the mitt by the hole where the thumb was until it’s closed off. It gives you that crisp line, one of my favorite knitting techniques.

All in all the mittens were fun to do on the machine and relatively easy. The 72 cylinder one could even pair up with the 54 to make a pair of thick 2 walled mittens!

This was a wool I hand dyed myself in the studio. I did a big no-no and dyed it while it was still in balls. It came out looking very good, the darker mitt was the outside of the wool where the dye had easier access to it and the lighter mitt was the inside of the ball. I can’t say it was much fun untangling it afterwards but it was worth the experiment!


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