Tablet Case

I came home one day and my partner suggested I try making a tablet case. So I did. It was a very easy concept and I’m quite happy with how it turned out.

I made it on my 72 cylinder and essentially it’s just a large tube.

What I did was knit a bunch of times, about 70-80 rounds, and then I stuck my tablet up to it to see if it was going to be roughly the right size. When I was happy with it, I disengaged half the needled and knit back and forth to create the flap.

Then when it was off of the machine, I sewed the flap down on both sides to create the overlap. The bottom I sewed up like a normal toe with the kitchener stitch.


I plan on putting a button on the front so it won’t be so curly but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Otherwise, it looks good and is highly functional.

The yarn is just 3 types of ends I had laying around from finished socks, I really like how the colours came out and join together. Just another amazing thing made on my sock machine!


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