You’re probably wondering how this all came to be. Well to keep it short and simple, I grew up in the city in the sunny Okanagan Valley in British Columbia and recently moved to rural Southern Ontario. It has been quite the change and I’m slowly becoming accustomed to the local ways. I now live on the “back 40” of a 100 acre property, hence the name.

I am doing all of my fibre arts here in my 300 sq ft home and work space, whether it be spinning wool into yarn, dyeing fibre, knitting by hand, knitting on my antique circular sock knitting machine, or anything else, out in the back of this lovely property. It’s been an amazing journey to get this far and I’m so happy to be learning things every day.

While living and working on the “back 40” forests and fields, I am creating beautiful homemade fibre products which is such an amazing opportunity to experience and share. I’m writing this blog so you can hopefully take something away with you and help fuel on your inner passions!