Baby Socks

Alright, I am very excited to finally write about this latest challenge! My sister in law is about to have a baby which is very exciting and what better gift could a sock maker give than adorable baby socks?! So for the last month I have been patiently (and not so patiently) making my own … More Baby Socks


Since learning to cable knit, I decided to put it to the test and try it out on a hat. Of course being me I refused to follow a pattern and decided the struggle of making my own would be easier. Hats are fairly simple to knit though and I’ve made enough to make a … More Cabling

Tablet Case

I came home one day and my partner suggested I try making a tablet case. So I did. It was a very easy concept and I’m quite happy with how it turned out. I made it on my 72 cylinder and essentially it’s just a large tube. What I did was knit a bunch of … More Tablet Case

Party Socks

The second free pattern from the erlbacher site ( I attempted is called Party Socks and they have a bit of a lace knit look to them. The pattern was easy to follow and not complicated at all. The only downfall of it that I can think of is how time consuming it is to … More Party Socks

Happy Hearts

I have decided it was time to try something new on my circular sock knitting machine. I’ve been making lots of ‘normal’ socks and now that I have the ribber down, it is time to add to the heaping pile of knowledge that comes from learning how to use this hunk of metal. I found … More Happy Hearts